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Our Products

Our products are our calling card. Taste, quality and exclusivity set our company apart from the crowd. With our numerous possibilities, there are almost no limits. We have nuggets, steaks, goujons and much more in our repertoire. The process of an idea up to the final production is carefully considered, tested and developed. Because innovations mean the courage to take risks and at the same time create a unique selling point in the poultry industry.

Products with crispy breading

Breaded products

Products in crispy breading

Battered – crispy products


Marinated products

Marinated products

Shaped fillet inside

Reformed whole muscle

Whether marinated, crisp or breaded in classic beer batter - we make your chicken product unique. The composition of the meat, the breading and spices is individually adapted to the wishes and ideas of the customers. Convince yourself of our taste.