Mantos International Food
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Mantos International Food GmbH was founded in 2003, and the family company has been producing under its own responsibility since mid-2008. When the popularity grew, the company expanded enormously, and further long-term jobs could be created, the managing director & owner Ralf Weber converted the architecturally excellent building into a highly efficient food production facility in 2011.

The customer structure is made up of well-known and established national and international companies and achieves a routine partnership with discretion and trust.

Regular product innovations in-house are important here. These are made up of years of intimate European industry knowledge - individually adapted for each customer.

The company itself usually appears in the sales area as a production company and in concept and product development as a strategy partner and therefore produces 95% of its products under its own brand. Achievable increases in sales, higher customer loyalty, foreseeable market developments and effects on internal structures bring the company the greatest benefit in the long term. Our own recipes are created through many years of experience combined with the wishes of the customer. New ideas are constantly being tested and optimized through to the final product. This results in your own branding with a unique taste.

Bundle as a team competencies from the areas of production, marketing, sales, creation and communication are bundled. That is why we speak the language of our European customers as well as that of your marketing or advertising specialists and that of the management.

The production line runs constantly in three shifts in an energy-efficient and perfectly timed manner. With optimal volume processing, this makes it the fastest production line of this size worldwide and its efficiency above average meets the current requirements of the market.

The numerous in-house recipes do not leave any innovations open to international customers. Sales are geared towards the food service, wholesale, industry and food retail sector - national and international - thanks to regular IFS & BRC audits, the company has no limits.